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You will be lodging in our log house which consists of an upstairs loft or downstairs private room. We also offer our smaller guest cabin or rustic sheep wagon. We provide three meals a day with snacks and water during our trail rides.

Sample Menu:

Breakfast: Eggs - Bacon - Sausage bake - Blueberry pancakes - Fresh fruit - Bagels - Assorted Muffins

Lunch: Caramelized chicken on greens - Shrimp salad in tomato flower - Sandwich buffet - Hamburgers and bratwursts

Dinner: Spicy saucy pork chops over linguini - Caramelized salmon with white sauce - Prime rib or Rib steak - Italian chicken bake - Each meal will include fresh salads, vegetables, and potatoes or bread.

Desserts: Rum cake - Buttermilk chocolate cake - Wilcoxson's ice cream

If you have any allergies to any food or beverage, please make sure to include them on your reservation application. There will be plenty of food for those of you who do not eat meat; no special menu to choose from though. Thanks!

Laundry facilities available.