About Us

It is our goal to share a little piece of Heaven in Big Sky country with you while sitting in the saddle, relaxing by the campfire, and spending time with friends...new and old.

Sarah Salsbury

Tomahawk Ranch is my family's ranch where I have learned to love the land and livestock we are so fortunate to have. I went to Carroll College and graduated as an RN. I worked in dialysis for four years traveling in Montana, Washington, and Alaska. Coming back to work on the ranch full time was a no-brainer. This is where my heart has always resided. I am very proud to get to share a little of my love with you for four days.

Our ranch runs up to 600 mama cows and their calves. I have ridden all my life on the ranch, and still have not covered all our country! Thank you for your interest, and we really hope to show you an experience of a lifetime!!

Candy Score

I started riding when I was five and have never looked back. Some of the ways I was taught were pretty rough. Keep your feet in front of you, sit on your pockets, pull the horse's head to your knee if they run away or buck; pretty basic survival. We've come a long way baby! Through my teaching I hope to help folks become partners with their horses, learn to communicate with them, gain mutual respect, and make it safer for both horse and rider.

I've been part of O-Mok-See, high school rodeo (breakaway roping, goat tying) and regular rodeo (barrels), jumping, fox-hunting, polo, team roping, and lots of ranch riding and cow work. I took some dressage lessons to better understand collection and use of legs and seat, but would never put myself out as a dressage instructor. However, I use the basic principles in teaching and training.

I have taught riding for 18 years. I teach balanced, body-conscious riding using your whole body to communicate, including your brain; and, yes, laughter and fun.

I have been certified in Level I and II horsemanship and training from Richard Shrake who was one of the original RFDTV featured trainers. Richard produced 40 world champions, both horses and riders. His basis in training also goes back to those great horse trainers Tom Dorrance and Ray Hunt. Every year I attend training clinics to keep myself updated and have attended clinics by Les Voigt, Chris Cox, Teresa Mandell, as well as, several cutting and working cow horse clinics offered here in Montana.

Winston Churchill stated it so eloquently: "The best thing for the inside of a 'Person' is the outside of a horse."

I am over 60 and will ride till I die!

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